SYNTHEMA consortium at the Hospital da Luz Learning Health Center

During the review meeting, the team had the opportunity to visit the state-of-the-art simulation center at Hospital da Luz. This visit proved to be enlightening, highlighting the importance of being aware of and actively engaging with other initiatives aimed at addressing complex challenges in the healthcare sector. By embracing collaboration and staying informed about emerging trends and solutions, SYNTHEMA demonstrates its commitment to remaining at the forefront of healthcare innovation.

Hospital da Luz Learning Health stands at the forefront of excellence in medicine, embodying a steadfast commitment to the continual advancement of health care delivery and management. It achieves this through three primary avenues: professional training, translational research, and innovation. As a pioneering institution, its vision is to be recognized globally for its role in the development of health professionals. It also actively fosters the generation and distribution of knowledge, technologies, and practices pertinent to health care.

The cornerstone of its mission lies in enhancing patient safety and quality of care, aligning with the broader goals of the Luz Saúde group in providing exceptional patient care and fostering professional development. Through its activities, Hospital da Luz Learning Health is transforming the vision of the future hospital into a tangible reality today.

Operating across the key domains of training, research, and innovation, the institution utilizes its state-of-the-art medical simulation center at Hospital da Luz Lisboa as the foundation for these activities. In the realm of training, it designs, implements, and assesses training and simulation programs tailored to the needs of health care professionals, both within and outside the Luz Saúde Group. These programs span a variety of experiences, from scientific events to training courses, each catering to the specific competencies required by the participants and aligning with the organization’s value system.

In the field of research, Hospital da Luz Learning Health not only develops, promotes, and supports research within the Luz Saúde group but also encourages the creation of innovative methodologies that enhance the value of patient care. The research activities focus on several areas, including preventative medicine, early diagnostic methods and biomarkers, personalized medicine, and outcomes research. Each of these areas leverages advanced analytical methods and human factor engineering to optimize patient value.

The institution’s commitment to innovation is underpinned by a robust support system for open innovation, providing the resources necessary for the development of new products and services from conception to market placement. It also actively engages in acceleration programs such as Protechting, offering invaluable support to health startups and serving as a conduit for innovation within the Luz Saúde group.

In creating the Hospital da Luz Learning Health, the Luz Saúde group reaffirms its unwavering commitment to excellence and innovation in medicine. By ensuring value for patients and fostering the development of outstanding health care professionals, it is not only shaping the future of health care but also turning it into a reality today.

Visit the Hospital da Luz Learning Health Center website here.

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