The European Union’s “State of the Digital Decade” report is particularly relevant for the SYNTHEMA project, which seeks to establish a cross-border hub for developing and validating Artificial Intelligence (AI) techniques in rare hematological diseases. The report’s focus on advancing digital infrastructure, AI, and digitalization of businesses aligns closely with SYNTHEMA’s goals of generating high-quality synthetic data to improve patient outcomes in rare hematological conditions.

The emphasis on AI in the report underscores the growing importance of this technology in healthcare and research. SYNTHEMA’s objective to create synthetic data models for rare diseases is a cutting-edge application of AI, resonating with the EU’s digital objectives. Additionally, the report’s recommendations for increased investment and international cooperation offer a supportive backdrop for SYNTHEMA, providing opportunities for collaboration, and alignment with EU-wide digital standards.

The report’s insights into digital transformation strategies, AI advancements, and the EU’s commitment to secure, sustainable digitalization are invaluable for guiding the SYNTHEMA project towards success and integration within the broader EU digital ecosystem. For an in-depth understanding of these synergies and to explore more about how the EU’s digital agenda can support projects like SYNTHEMA, the full report is available on the official website of the European Union.

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