The highly anticipated EHA2023 Hybrid Congress took place from June 8-11, 2023, in Frankfurt, Germany. This interactive and comprehensive event brought together experts and professionals in the field of hematology, offering a platform for collaboration, knowledge sharing, and advancements in clinical research and practice. The congress featured an extensive educational and scientific program, highlighting the latest findings in hematology research, state-of-the-art clinical practices, and innovative approaches to the diagnosis and treatment of hematologic diseases.

Of particular significance at this year’s congress were the projects SYNTHEMA and GENOMED4ALL, both working in the field of AI employed in rare heamatological diseases treatment and synthetic data generation, marking a significant milestone in the application of advanced technologies in healthcare.

SYNTHEMA, a cross-border hub project, aims to develop and validate AI techniques for anonymization and synthetic data generation in Rare Health Diseases (RHDs). By utilizing AI, SYNTHEMA addresses the critical need for privacy protection while enhancing data accessibility and facilitating research and innovation in the field of hematological diseases.

Complementing SYNTHEMA, the sister project GENOMED4ALL focuses specifically on integrating AI with genomics for personalized diagnostics and treatment in hematological diseases. Through the analysis of genetic data and the application of AI algorithms, GENOMED4ALL aims to provide tailored medical interventions that meet the specific needs of individual patients.

The presentation of these groundbreaking projects during the EHA2023 Congress offered a unique opportunity to showcase the immense potential of AI in the field of hematology. By harnessing the power of artificial intelligence, researchers and healthcare professionals can unlock new insights, accelerate diagnostics, and develop personalized treatment strategies that significantly improve patient outcomes.

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