1st SYNTHEMA Press Release

SYNTHEMA is a project funded by the European Commission, focused on developing and validating Artificial Intelligence (AI) models for clinical data anonymization and synthetic data generation in rare hematological diseases. We have recently published our first press release. The document outlines the ambitious joint initiative that has been selected and granted almost €7M by the European Commission as part of the Horizon Europe Programme. Over the next four years, SYNTHEMA aims to establish a privacy-preserving, cross-border hub to fight off the critical issues of data scarcity and fragmentation in rare hematological diseases, and to generate reliable, high-quality synthetic data that can shape new “virtual patients” to enhance diagnostic capacity, assess treatment options, and predict outcomes. With 16 partners from 10 countries, SYNTHEMA will create standardized, interoperable, and multimodal pipelines and datasets that can be validated for their clinical value, statistical utility, and residual privacy risks.

Read the full document here.